YouTube Activity Analysis

Daily Count of Videos Watched
Most Searched (English) Terms
  • Limited data — I was hoping to analyze my entire search and watch history on YouTube starting several years back until now, but Google Takeout only retained the past 4 months. Thus, I wasn’t able to examine how my YouTube consumption behavior has changed throughout the years or conduct sentiment analysis on trending videos over a longer period of time.
  • Working with the YouTube API — I encountered several challenges when trying to get an authorization key and when working with the YouTube API. This made it difficult to do all the analysis I had hoped to do. Nonetheless, it was interesting to see all the data that is available for the videos and use it to gather some insights about my own behavior.
  • Language challenges & global applicability — Since many of the videos I watch have Chinese or Korean titles, my NLP analysis may not have picked up on them accurately as I would have liked. This can be seen from the extra symbols in the wordcloud of search terms. A next step would be to look into methods of dealing with special characters and improving this applicability to different regions.




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